Worried About a Possible Divorce? Look for These 9 Red Flags!

Sometimes even all the riches in the world, the fame, kids, lifestyle, and even amazing careers don’t cut it when it comes to living happily with your spouse. Other people may look at your life and see nothing but paradise, luxury lifestyle and all. What they may not know is what lies underneath all that glamor. Talking to a family lawyer about a possible separation is very normal.

Most instances, you find that families end up divorcing because of a marriage went wrong. It is possible for you to get your frustrated relationship back on track if both of you put an effort to do so. And that’s why it is vital that you recognize the signs while it’s still early enough.

Here are nine signs your marriage might be heading towards the divorce way.

  1. You are not happy

Many at times, this is the first obvious sign in any marriage that ultimately leads to a divorce if left unchecked. This is not one of those times when you argue over something small and get angry with each other. It’s plain unhappiness no matter what you or your partner do to try and bring some joy and spice up the relationship. It may be because your partner is unreliable, hostile most of the time or even shutdown. Maybe you feel your partner is no longer as responsive as before. All these are signs of unhappiness.

  1. Most of your interactions aren’t positive

The interaction ration of happy couples is around 20:1 which means 20 positive interactions to only one negative one, a study by John Gottman, a marriage counselor. And that, of a near-divorcing couple is 8:1. So, if you notice you have more negative than positive interactions for a period of time then something is going terribly wrong.

  1. Looking for reasons to avoid your partner

So, you have just gotten home from work and decide to wait in the car instead of going in the house simply to try and avoid your partner a little while longer. Or maybe you prefer your friends’ company to that of your spouse.

  1. Your family or friends urging you to end the relationship

At times you find your family and friends urging you to break off the relationship, claiming you’d be better off. Sometimes, it may be in your best interest to listen to them. Those closest to you will always only want the nest for you.

  1. You have a gut feeling you need to get out

Your gut instinct may be talking to you urging you to get out and do it fast. Maybe something is about to do gown and you feel you’re no longer safe around your partner.

  1. You live like roommates

It gets to that point where you and your partner even sleep in separate rooms. You don’t care to check with your partner even after long trips or stuff like that.

  1. Everything is hard

You realize that nearly every interaction you have with each other feels like work, like a chore. Everything feels difficult and dramatic. Your conversations with one another are either heated, provocative, or painful.

  1. One or both of you have changed priorities or values

Your priorities or values all over sudden change and you both want totally different things both in and out of the relationship.

  1. A sudden change in behavior

You suddenly realize that your spouse has suddenly dropped lots of weight or even suddenly takes a renewed interest in their appearance. Maybe they suddenly start spending a lot of time from home, sometimes even sleeping out. Maybe they start wanting lots of more sex or even ignoring you altogether. Something is amiss.

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