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5 Best Ways To Maximize ICBC Settlements

If you are in an accident (which can happen at any time), there’s a lot that an ICBC lawyer can help you with. Being injured is depressing and devastating, but you must not fail to protect yourself or your finances.

This is the purpose of an ICBC lawyer. They can help you understand the factors that make claiming your ICBC settlement easier. From who is at fault to the magnitude of the injuries, all of these play a big role in getting you your ICBC settlement.

ICBC settlements are awarded with regard to pain, suffering, and financial losses because of the accident. However, there are times when the people in question can make it difficult for you to get what you deserve, especially when you haven’t yet recovered completely.

Here are five ways you can maximize ICBC settlements after an accident:

Contact an ICBC lawyer immediately

Your first action must be to hire a lawyer immediately. If you contact ICBC directly, you will be assigned an adjuster, who will make sure that the amount paid to you is reasonable to ICBC. Adjusters are adept at negotiations and will smooth talk you into a settlement that’s unfair to you. They are not on your side.

Only a lawyer can help you get what you deserve. You must immediately contact a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience in dealing with personal injury claims. Most ICBC lawyers don’t charge anything up front, and if no settlement is received, they receive no fee.

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See a doctor and consult thoroughly

Personal injury claims are assessed based on the reports from doctors. The doctor who is treating you will write a report describing your medical history, the injuries sustained in the accident, the treatment plan, and progress to recovery, including the diagnoses and prognoses.

However, the report depends a lot on what you convey to the doctor. If you say you are fine, then that’s what the doctor will write in the report. Make sure to accurately tell the doctor how you feel, how bad your injuries are, and how they are affecting your life.

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Let your injuries stabilize

It’s difficult to assess your claim until it is known if the injuries are only temporary or will have a permanent impact. Once your injuries stabilize and you have recovered to a certain extent, it is easier to assess the claims and decide a compensation amount.

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Mitigate your damages

If your injury was due to the negligence of someone else, you must take the proper steps to minimize the damages. You must do exactly as you’ve been directed by the doctor to help treat your injury, otherwise the opposing legal counselor in a personal injury case will try to lower your settlement amount by pointing out that you didn’t follow your/the doctor’s instructions.

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Get witnesses

If you can find a witness to the accident is highly recommended as it strengthens your case (the more witnesses the better!). Getting written statements from the witnesses helps an ICBC lawyer obtain for you the compensation you deserve.

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An injury is a major blow to anyone, but having an ICBC lawyer at your side can help you acquire a suitable settlement which can help you in this aggravating situation.